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Become a coach at Gym of Tomorrow

Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another:
What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .

C.S. Lewis

Dear friends, thank you for visiting this website regularly over the previous weeks. We hope that it helps you to better understand your body and to enjoy exercising both your physique and your brains.

Step into 3D Future!

We offer you an opportunity to make Gym of Tomorrow even more worthy: if you find some of these pages interesting enough, and you have some time to invest to good use, you can translate them into your mother tongue and send the text via e-mail to We will post them in no time and then your peers who do not speak English can become your virtual trainees.

We have tested some general purpose translating services in the past and were really not satisfied with the results. The reason is that there is a very special bro-slang in every language that gym rats speak, and some of those phrases are hard to understand without actually lifting iron. We believe that only people with strong muscles and really big heart are able to explain fluently this sort of messages to their brothers and sisters, and perhaps you are just that kind of person.

If you find the idea interesting write to us. You don’t need to be a fitness professional. Feel free to ask any question and to put forward any taught that you might have come upon. Perhaps there is an exhilarating topic that you would like to be discussed at the Gym of Tomorrow in the future? Or you might have made a super important insight yourself that you wish to share with gals and guys around the globe?


Gym of Tomorrow team