Gym of Tomorrow now available for iOS and Android

iOS app is here:

Android app is here:

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What is Gym of Tomorrow?

Gym of Tomorrow is a novel fitness platform that utilizes the latest in information technologies to enable guys and gals to exercise more safely, more efficiently and with more fun than ever before. It is designed with two goals in mind – to help you to educate yourself about many important aspects of training with great speed and to share that valuable knowledge with your loved ones with great ease.

The core of the Gym of Tomorrow is an interactive 3D application that runs on any computing platform. It lets you play and pause exercise animations, rotate the scene around and zoom the view in and out in order to take a look at what really happens inside the body when you exercise. The app contains a tool for capturing vital moments and sending them to friends via Twitter, FaceBook and other popular services.

But Gym of Tomorrow is much more than that. Its online base of knowledge contains detailed descriptions of exercises, training routines and many other interesting details of being fit and living sporty life. Gym of Tomorrow web site will give its members the opportunity to take part in online discussions through which they can refine the understanding of the subject and try to push the limits of sports science and education even further. Because nothing is more fulfilling than sharing your deepest thoughts about the topics you care about with someone you care about.

We designed these tools to encourage you to engage yourself into the world of fitness if you haven’t tried it before. We assembled them into a place called Gym of Tomorrow to inspire you to go beyond the traditional approach to “exercising” – do this, do that, don’t ask. Instead we want you to peer into your body, ask smart questions and try to figure out meaningful answers. Because being fit is not about having muscles. It’s about understanding your body and caring for it. It’s about living in harmony with your physical self and finding new vistas of being a human.